Company Profile

QSG is the authorised system integrator of QLITE LTD UK and has pioneered delivery of customised low voltage control solutions that have enhanced the ambience of various developments, ranging from hotel lobbies to palaces, while also bringing about cost and energy savings through effective management systems.

The company has for many years designed, manufactured, tested and commissioned systems such as architectural dimming and lighting controls, guest room management and home automation systems, for diverse applications such as restaurants, lounges, hotel lobbies, ballrooms, conference rooms, VIP areas, spas, outdoor areas, private villas and royal palaces.

These systems are packed with environmental benefits that reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance costs through more efficient usage and longer lamp life. QSG has established a niche in the regional market especially since 1995, when it launched operations in the Gulf under the leadership of managing director Anil Sharma.

The QSG team, in fact, claims the distinction of having undertaken the biggest dimming project worldwide involving 20,000 dimming channels for a development at the Palm Jumeirah. Citing the reasons for its success in the region, Sharma says: “We provide cost-effective and optimised solutions that meet our clients’ budgets and are recognised for our engineering capabilities. We possess many years of experience, having worked as a professional partner to electrical consultants, contractors, architects and lighting designers.

“The fact that QSG has a good understanding of the current design trends and the specific demands of the architectural interior design industry also makes it an ideal partner in this sector.” QSG Gulf is one of very few system integrators that offer custom-made solutions to suit their clients’ technical and aesthetic needs. “The diversity of our skills is reflected in the nature of the projects that we have been involved in – from the iconic villas on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, to the numerous prestigious hotel projects from all the major hotel chains like Hilton, Intercontinental, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Sheraton, Movenpick, Crown Plaza, Rotana, Radisson and Le Meridien throughout the near and Middle East regions,” Sharma says. “At present, most of the leading chains of five-star hotels in the Middle East are using QSG supplied solutions.” QLITE LTD UK products are easy to install and commission and easy to integrate with third-party systems. The company has its own web-enabled servers and provides local as well remote control of home automation and room management systems from any Wi-Fi area. All QLITE devices can be easily accessed from any Android tablet. Third-party equipment, including audio and video, can also be accessed by the QLITE’s own IR (infrared) readers. “The good news for home owners is that they can have a single control device for all their applications in their homes – right from security, access, lighting, curtains and air-conditioning control to their audio and video control from same tablet,” he says. QLITE specialises in all sectors of the industry and provides completes solutions to hotels, palaces, commercial complexes, villas, schools, colleges, hospitals, airports as well as other projects. On average, it executes around 500 (small and big put together) jobs in a year in the entire Middle East and Far East countries.

Some of the lighting solutions that the company provides include:

Architectural dimming control systems: These systems are used mainly for creating architectural and mood lighting. Pre-programmed scenes can be set for a particular mood or occasion to enhance and improve the ambience of areas such as restaurants, lounges, hotel lobbies, ballrooms, conference rooms, VIP areas, spas, outdoor areas, private villas and royal palaces, he explains. In façade lighting applications, colour changing lights or LEDs can also be controlled via the company’s DMX modules to improve the aesthetics of the building façade. The entire system can be controlled via its dimming control plates, special ‘touchpads’ and touchscreens.

Lighting control systems: Used mainly for efficient and intelligent energy management, these systems enable the switching (on or off) of the light fittings via a stand-alone or a fully-networked central system. They are used mainly in public, commercial or residential properties for areas such as corridors, restrooms, BOH (back-of-house) areas, administrative offices, car-parks and staircases, usually on their own or in combination with a dimming control system. The system enables the control of the light fittings through timers and/or sensors (occupancy, motion, and daylight) or any pre-programmed logic function as desired by the client.

Guest room management systems (RMS): The RMS is used to provide convenience to the guest and enhance the hotel operator’s control by providing efficient and intelligent management. These systems also help in significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs and are used mainly in hotel rooms, hotel/serviced apartment rooms and guest houses. The typical functions they can provide are: room status monitoring such as the guest’s requests not to be disturbed, the room to be made up or laundry picked up as well as guest occupancy and many more, according to the customer specifications; air-conditioning, access, dimming, lighting and curtain/blind control; integration with PMS (property management system), BMS (building management system) and other third-party systems. The entire system in the room can be controlled via QLITE’s customised bedside panels, touchscreens and IPAD/IPOD/Notepad devices. Home automation system: This system provides a fully-integrated control and monitoring of various low-voltage systems to help create an intelligent home with enhanced lifestyle features. QLITE controls and maintains systems such as: lighting, dimming, blinds and curtains, air-conditioning, multi-room audio/video entertainment systems and security and surveillance. The entire system at home can be controlled via Wi-Fi-enabled tablets, PCs, touchscreens and/or IPAD/IPOD. “QSG’s vision is to provide state-of-the-art systems to capture clients’ imaginations and the company is committed to providing the best in the industry to its clients. With offices in all the GCC countries and with round-the-clock service and support staff available in the entire region, QSG has become the preferred choice with clients, as any service or support call is attended by its trained team almost instantly,” Sharma concludes.